Special Session Title: Human Readable Explanations in NLP

The aim of this Special Session is to attract explainable methods to generate human readable explanations with the purpose to stimulate discussion on the design, use and evaluation of novel Explainable Deep Learning models as the critical knowledge-discovery drivers to recognize, interpret, process and simulate human emotion for various NLP tasks. We invite the researcher working on practical use-cases of Explainable Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing that discuss adding a layer of interpretability and trust to powerful algorithms such as neural networks, ensemble methods including random forests for delivering near real-time intelligence.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

Explainable Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Explainable Deep Learning for emotion analysis in Text

Explainable Deep Learning for aspect-based sentiment analysis

Explainable multimodal sentiment analysis

Explainable methods for Sarcasm and irony detection in online reviews

Opinion spam detection and intention mining

Explainable methods for multilingual sentiment analysis

Explainable methods for Fake Information detection

Explaining sentiment predictions

Trust and interpretability in NLP

Emotion categorization models for polarity detection


Paper submission deadline: 28 Novmber 2021

Acceptance notification: 15 December 2021

Submission of camera ready: 30 December 2021

Registration: 30 December 2021

Paper Submission: Authors are invited to submit original research contributions not concurrently submitted elsewhere (Submission system). Normal length papers should be 8-10 pages, formatted in Springer’s single column format (http://www.icbiit.com/downloads/Templates.zip).

Submitted papers will be refereed by at least two reviewers for quality, correctness, originality, and relevance. Notification and reviews will be communicated via email.

Proceedings: All accepted conference papers will be presented at the conference and included in the published proceedings.

SCIE Journal Publication: The papers presented at the conference will be recommended for appropriate SCIE index journal after revision.

Email Submission: sci@icbiit.com